Thinking Divorce? Think Again

Here’s a nice little book that came across my desk today. It’s called Thinking Divorce? Think Again – Seven Realities You Need to Know.

Don’t let the title fool you. It may sound like Author Lorie Fowlke is set to tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t divorce, and in fact each chapter starts by stating a negative effect of divorce. When you actually read her text, however, you find a simple little how-to book to get through some of the thornier issues divorcing people face.

Thinking Divorce Cover In big, easy-to-read print, Fowlke spells out strategies to deal with the expense of divorce, with its impact on children, with its impact on your worklife, and lots more. It’s economical, readable, and accurate.

Understand, of course, that Fowlke is an adversarial divorce lawyer, so she sees the world through adversarial divorce lawyer glasses. She assumes, for example, that everyone reading her book needs a lawyer of his or her own and should expect to pay a substantial retainer for that lawyer. Never mind that millions of people get divorced without a lawyer every year and get along just fine.

Fowlke’s advice for people contemplating divorce, however, is practical, realistic, and wise. I recommend it.