Tracking Delinquent Child Support by Cell Phone

Virginia has started using cell phone records to track down people who owe back child support. Here’s a story about it from NBC Channel 4.

The Virginia Department of Social Services issued administrative subpoenas (no court action required) on wireless providers seeking information about 48 delinquent parents. Apparently, Virginia is the first state to use cell phone records to track delinquent child support payers. Virginia may eventually expand this technique for all delinquent parents.

Virginia has been a trailblazer in the agressive collection of child support. It was one of the first states to attach boots (heavy weights) to the automobiles of delinquent payers, and it is agressive about revoking the drivers’ licenses of delinquent parents.

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  1. Hi, my father ran off to California 5 years ago from Canada, and has not paid one cent of child support from a court order. I am one of five children that is living with my mother. We have been trying endlessly to track this person down to make sure that justice is served but got nowhere. His name is Moshe Kaslassi and he lives in California probably in the Reseda, Encino, Tarzana, or even San Diego area. He was born on October 19th, 1958. I recently found out that he has disconnected his cell phone number and also has a tendancy to change his last name around by taking out a few letters. He has been living in the U.S. for the last 5 years without any papers and we need this endless process to stop. There are 5 children who are struggling everyday just for the necessities of life. If you have any question i would be more than glad to answer them for you, you can contact me at 416-300-7832 or email me back at

  2. Child Support has been the beta-test for the NWO , they have been making non-custodial parents, slaves, since the 70?s. They will soon start on all Americans. I use the child support system as real world examples, so you can see what will happen to you(those not part of the child support system) next.

    This article fails to covey the truth; So, I give you the truth between the lines.

    [One in four children in Virginia is involved in a child support enforcement case. That means many of those children aren’t getting the funds they need from a delinquent parent.]

    False. That statement does not prove anything except 1 in 4 kids have an open case in Virginia. It does mean that majority of those case are in default and the non-custodial parent is not paying actual support.

    [So for the last year Virginia has using cell phone records to track down these parents, and make them pay.]

    False. Make them pay what ? child support is four ( 4 ) things; 1- actual child support, 2- interest on the actual child support, 3- money owed to the state for welfare, 4- interest on that welfare money. Most non-custodial parents pay the actual child support and some on the other. But, still are considered in arrears even if they are paying actual support and the child is getting money.

    [Valley Social Services Director, Elizabeth Middleton has seen a lot of families struggling over unpaid child support.]

    False. Everyone is struggling; old people struggle, young people struggle, married couples struggle, and parents who adopt struggle. Getting the non-custodial parent to pay the interest and monies to the state for reimbursement will not help the custodial parent. Besides making the non-custodial parent pay for welfare benefits paid to the custodial parent is discrimination and double taxation. the non-custodial parent already paid for those benefits when the government took taxes from their earn income and other taxes.

    [“People who have gone to extreme measures to avoid their obligations to their children. [One] person left and moved to Poland and took up residence there to avoid paying child support for many, many years,” says Middleton.]

    False. The non-custodial parents have a right to move to any state they want. The majority still keep sending in their payments. It is the minority that dodge. This is just an excuse to invade free American’s privacy. If a non-custodial parent is stupid enough to try to avoid paying just because he moved to another state, then so be it. It will only come back to haunt him. He knows it will not solve the problem. He will not be paying and it will keep growing.

    [“We went to the cell phone companies and asked them to voluntarily do that, so we used both federal and state laws that we have an issued subpoenas,” says Nick Young with the Division of Child Support Enforcement. Now a handful of those cell phone companies are cooperating. Child support enforcement officials say it’s making a big difference.

    [”We just sent them 268,000 records, they did a data match and they sent me back 52,000 phone numbers and addresses I didn’t have,” says Young.]

    False. Administrative subpoenas are not legal. Only civil subpoenas are legal by the Constitution. The family courts are really kangaroo courts. The Judges are not Judges, they are Administrative Referees. Subpoenas used as harassment and to invade private records of people that may or may not be the actual person they are looking for? give me a break. Another step to take control of people and disregard their rights.

    If the government would sit-down and think of ways to solve these complex issues without violating the Constitution and due process it would be commended. But, we all know what the real purpose is and who’s behind it. All these erroneous laws and procedures are handed down from the United Nations to the Federal Government to the States. The laws are backed by a Federal Performance Incentive Program that makes it a massive witch hunt or head hunt, and makes all the personnel that work for the DCSS , head-hunters.


  3. I have payed over $40,000 in child support for my son Collin. DCSE has never brought me to court when i came up short or wasnt able to pay,However my ex Wife has continued to file motion upon motion to the courts. Weather i am payd up all but two months, a few months behind and pay them up or have several thousand in hand, I have always been SENTENCED TO 12 MONTHS in JAIL. So far its been 12 months 6 times. No drivers license ever and now I am behind that amount in support as well. All Im saying is noew that my son is 18 and its not about the welfare of the child and just about her and the money she is owed. She shouldnt be able to harass me for the rest of my life. It should be up to DCSE to take action and the option foe her should be no more. Taking steps to find out my chances, Thank you . Feed Back Welcome. Neg.or Poss.

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