Uncontested Divorce Quiz

Uncontested divorce often makes sense, but it will work for you? Here’s where you can find out.

This is a short quiz designed to help you decide whether you and your spouse are likely to be able to complete an uncontested divorce without having it blow up in your faces and become an adversarial divorce. The quiz is a series of statements with which you and your spouse may agree or disagree. Please answer each question on behalf of yourself and then on behalf of your spouse. Please use this scale to answer each question:

A “5” means you or your spouse strongly agrees with the statement.

A “4” means you or your spouse agrees with the statement.

A “3” means you or your spouse is indifferent or undecided about the statement or that it doesn’t apply to you.

A “2” means you or your spouse disagrees with the statement.

A “1” means you or your spouse strongly disagrees with the statement.

Remember, nobody’s grading this. Be brutally honest. Otherwise the quiz won’t do you any good.

1. Our marriage is over. We need to divorce.

Me:  ______________               My spouse: ______________

2. I want to save money more than I want to hurt my spouse.

Me:  ______________               My spouse: ______________
3. My spouse is unlikely to be hiding significant assets or income from me.

Me:  ______________               My spouse: ______________
4. I have a pretty good idea about the provisions I need to protect myself. Note: answer this question for only one spouse, the one with the highest score.

Me:  ______________               My spouse: ______________

Grading Your Uncontested Divorce Quiz

Add up all the scores for yourself alone, for your spouse alone, and then for the two of you together.

My points: _________

My spouse’s points: _________

Total points for both of us: __________

If the score for either of you is below 11, or if the score for the two of you together is below 24, an uncontested divorce may be a poor choice for you. If the score is 11 or higher for each of you individually and 24 or higher for the two of you together, experience indicates that the two of you would probably be able to use an uncontested divorce successfully.

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