Virginia Divorce FAQ’s – Mediation

This is about mediation of divorce issues in Virginia, including when and whether mediation is mandatory, who pays for it, and the required credentials for mediators for divorce issues in Virginia.

This information is from Wayne E. Comer, the Divorcinfo Network Lawyer for Virginia. You can click here to visit his web site.

Is mediation mandatory? When?

In a pending divorce case, a Virginia court may in its discretion order the parties to participate. This is generally done in a very early stage before any evidence on the merits of the case has been heard.

Who pays for mediation?

The participants pay equally unless otherwise ordered.

What are the requirements for who can act as mediator?

There are no mandatory requirements to simply act as mediator by the voluntary choice of the parties. The courts will only order domestic relations mediation before a State “certified” mediator. Most, but not all, of these are attorneys at law.

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