Virginia Divorce FAQ’s – Pro Se

This is about filing your own divorce in Virginia, including how hard it is to file your own divorce in Virginia, what divorce papers need to be filed, and what the filing fees are for divorce in Virginia.

This information is from Wayne E. Comer, the Divorceinfo Network Lawyer for Virginia. You can click here to visit his web site.

How hard is it to file my own divorce?

It is possible to file a pro se divorce in Virginia but it is not often done. We assume this is uncontested. It depends on the background and experience. From the comments I have heard, the pro se experience is that it is not that it is intellectually difficult but the procedures produce severe migraine headaches. In divorce cases the courts are extremely fussy about the dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s. An experienced lawyer needs to stay very alert in these cases.

What are the papers that need to be filed?

Assuming the case is totally uncontested, a Bill of Complaint; civil case “cover” sheet; civil process form and “subpoena in chancery”; certificate and affidavit of service of process; Motion and Decree appointing a commissioner (optional); report of commissioner to the court; final decree of divorce.

What’s the filing fee for a divorce?

$64.00 (not including service upon defendant, $12.00) Fees are frequently changed.

Other issues in Virginia: