Women Investigating Husbands-To-Be

I suppose this was inevitable. Here’s a story from the Independent in London about a growing trend for women to hire private eyes to check out the men they’re about to marry. These are primarily wealthy professional women, and the article dubs the practice “prenuptial surveillance.”

The idea is that a woman finds out when her fiance is going to be spending a night out with some of his old friends. Secretly, she hires an investigator to follow “the target” and see how he behaves when his guard is down. And here’s a word of warning: one of the investigators quoted in the story says that 90% of his “targets” turn out to be wanting in some way.

One of the women quoted already suspected that her husband-to-be was cheating on her. She had him followed, and sure enough, he was.

The story also cites a survey it says shows couples in the UK are more likely now than in the past to fight about their divorce in court. This last one is a surprise to me. I don’t have statistical confirmation, but my anecdotal experience would indicate Americans are less likely to fight about their divorce now, not less. I’ll do some homework on this one and get back to you.