Divorce Savvy Saves Money

DivorceSavvySavesMoney will save you money, help you and your spouse negotiate more effectively and with better knowledge, and help both of you stay in control of your divorce. It’s the first interactive software you can download to help you organize, customize, and manage the information for your divorce when working with divorce professionals in any state.

Let’s face it – preparing for divorce is a daunting and scary task. It’s hard to know where to start. That’s why Laury Adams and I developed DivorceSavvySavesMoney. We can’t be your attorney or your therapist, but we can help you be smarter about money as you’re planning for divorce.

Click here for a great video Laury produced explaining how DivorceSavvySavesMoney works.

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Our mission is to change the way people divorce by making the process

  • More understandable
  • More efficient
  • More effective

One of the most costly tasks in divorce is gathering, organizing, and handling financial information. When each attorney engages in this task, you end up paying them to duplicate their efforts. DivorceSavvySavesMoney gives you a chance to start making the necessary preparations as soon as possible. If you do this before your first meeting with an attorney or mediator, he or she will have a good overview of your case and be able to give you more effective and efficient professional service from the very beginning.

Those of you with children will want to use the specialized worksheets in DivorceSavvySavesMoney to guide you in developing your parenting plan.

Who should use DivorceSavvySavesMoney?

If you and your spouse have acquired assets or accrued debt during your marriage, and at least one of you has a minimal comfort level with Microsoft Excel, DivorceSavvySavesMoney will help you plan your divorce. You will toggle from cell to cell and enter the information needed for your divorce in a simple, easy-to-understand format that you can share with your spouse, with your attorneys, and with your mediator. And once you’ve entered the basic information, built-in formulas allow you to calculate values quickly and easily while you’re negotiating.

Why use DivorceSavvySavesMoney?

Basically, so you can do yourself the work you would otherwise pay others thousands of dollars to do for you. And when you use DivorceSavvySavesMoney, not only do you save money, you understand your assets and liabilities better. This helps both you and your spouse negotiate terms for your divorce that make sense for both of you.

When you order DivorceSavvySavesMoney, you will have:

  • Instructions for collecting, organizing, and entering information in a form necessary for avoiding costly legal procedures
  • Interactive spreadsheets with built-in formulas
    • to enter and customize your necessary information
    • to revise and correct entries during the entire divorce process
    • to provide visual aids that promote a better understanding of financial and parenting matters
    • to calculate multiple possibilities for a property settlement using “what-if” analysis
    • to reduce time and money spent with a professional

DivorceSavvySavesMoney contains two files:

FILE I: DSSM Instructions.pdf is a text document with all the necessary information for using the spreadsheet file and for preparing materials for your divorce.

FILE II: DSSM Worksheets.xls is an EXCEL file with the following worksheets:

  • A Client Information page
    to enter personal information essential for filing a divorce petition.
  • An Inventory of Assets & Liabilities
    to enter important information on each of your holdings and debts.
    to quickly calculate values.
    to tax affect entries whenever it is appropriate.
    to generate various alternatives that provide a basis for sound decision-making when negotiating a property settlement.
  • Parenting Plan worksheets
    to structure Daily; Weekly; Monthly Schedules.
    to make Holiday Arrangements.
  • Budget/Cash Flow Forms
    to structure support for two households.
    to help each of you plan for responsible financial management in the future.

Let’s Talk Turkey about DivorceSavvySavesMoney

What it is not:

  • It’s not a do-it-yourself divorce kit. DivorceSavvySavesMoney is designed to help your attorney and/or mediator work with you more efficiently and effectively. There are services available for do-it-yourself divorces, but we don’t provide them.
  • It’s not a program to save your marriage. We designed DivorceSavvySavesMoney to help people prepare for their divorce. If you’re working to save your marriage, we applaud that and we affirm that, but this kit won’t help you.
  • It’s not a substitute for your own attorney. We designed DivorceSavvySavesMoney to be useful to people who are going through divorce regardless of where they are. It works for all 50 states, in Canada, and in every nation of the world. It does not provide advice about interpreting the divorce laws of your state or country.
  • It’s not a way to get somebody else to do the work for you. DivorceSavvySavesMoney is all about your taking control and doing some homework on the front end that will save you time and money in your divorce. By necessity, this means that you’ll be doing more of the work initially. But trust us on this (because we’ve worked with thousands of couples going through divorce and we’ve seen it over and over), when you finish, both of you will be glad you did this work yourself.

What it is:

  • A well-crafted set of solutions. Growing out of our decades of experience with people going through divorce, we’ve designed a set of tools that will help you gather and organize the information that nearly every attorney and mediator will want to see to assist you effectively. By preparing with DivorceSavvySavesMoney beforehand, you’ll jumpstart the tedious process that often takes up most of the time people spend with their divorce professional. This will save you time and money.
  • A way to help you speak the same language. Often people going through divorce find themselves disagreeing with each other because they’re working from different sets of facts, which they have assembled separately and without communicating clearly with each other. Some important information gets omitted from each, and the husband and wife are not able to bridge the gap. DivorceSavvySavesMoney gives you a way to develop a complete, standardized database of critical information that you and your spouse can share as you negotiate. This may save you hours of wrangling.
  • A record you will appreciate in the years to come. Because DivorceSavvySavesMoney is so thorough, many of our clients have told us that it continued to be useful to them for years after their divorce, as they adjusted to life as a single person. We didn’t design it with this in mind, but it’s interesting to us how many of our clients have continued to update their asset and budget spreadsheets as they moved through life and have used them to stay in control of their finances.
  • A phenomenal value. DivorceSavvySavesMoney will help you spot the key questions you need to ask your attorney, will save you thousands of dollars in legal and mediation fees, and will give you and your spouse the tools you need to get through your divorce with as little conflict as possible, so you can move on with your lives with your dignity intact. If you’re not satisfied that DivorceSavvySavesMoney helped you as we promised, just let us know and we’ll refund your money. Does that sound fair? We hope so.

Click here for a great video Laury produced explaining how DivorceSavvySavesMoney works.

Now you have a chance to download this unique interactive software for just $79!

Yes, either my spouse or I own Microsoft Excel and have at least minimal spreadsheet skills, and I’m ready to purchase DivorceSavvySavesMoney!

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