AFLC Key Status Data

The information is listed below for each case, in order of the case’s confidential Client ID.

Client ID. Your confidential Client ID appears on your engagement letter with me. If you’ve misplaced your engagement letter, look near the bottom of the complaint we prepared for your case. Just above the words “Hold Service, Please,” you’ll see my phone number, 334-226-0496. Just to the right of the phone number, you’ll see “CID” and your Client ID number. You’ll also find your Client ID number just below the words “Civil Action No.” on the first page of the Agreement you signed.

Status Note. If something unusual has happened with your case, I’ll note it here.

Date Filed. The date on which your complaint was filed with the court. Unless we intentionally delay your case (e.g., for approval of a QDRO or for one of you to use health insurance), you’re entitled to assume your divorce will be effective within about six weeks of the filing date.

Case Number. The number the court assigns to your case when they file in the complaint. The “DR” stands for “Domestic Relations.” The four digits after the “DR” are the year in which your complaint was filed, and the last three digits are the sequential number of your case in the county where it’s filed.

Key Client Data
Client ID Status Note Date Filed Case Number Date Decree Sent
4103 File closed      
4104 File closed      
4105 File closed      
4115 Status update      
4130   10/8/2019 DR201990026400  
4131   8/27/2019 DR201990023200 10/5/2019
4132   8/9/2019 DR201990020900  
4133   9/18/2019 DR201990024900 10/25/2019
4135   10/17/2019 DR201990027000  
4137   9/9/2019 DR201990023900 10/18/2019
4140   9/19/2019 DR201990025100 10/25/2019
4141   10/4/2019 DR201990026000  
4142   10/8/2019 DR201990026200
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