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I’ve tried to organize here most of the key pages on DivorceInfo.com, organized in some kind of cohesive fashion so you can see what’s going on here.

Avoiding Divorce

Can I Stop the Divorce? Disadvantages to Divorce Alternatives to Divorce
Counseling When Your Spouse Won’t Go To Counseling Trial Separation
Working Arrangement During Separation

Cutting Through the Crud

Divorce Stinks When You’re Trying to Keep It Civil The Three Divorces
Staying in Control Helping Your Friends Help You Would Mediation Help?
Can I Stop the Divorce? How to Save Time and Money When You Can’t Stop Crying
Why Does it Hurt So Much? How to Take Care of Yourself How Much Will it Cost?
Resources for Men Mistakes People Make Most Often How Long Will it Take?
When You Just Need a Coach Books to Read All about adultery
Is This Depression? Thinking About Killing Yourself? Getting Through the Grief
Getting Through the Holidays When Your Child Divorces Quotes about Divorce
Loneliness and Divorce What are the Main Issues? Packing to Leave
When You’re Testifying Adersarial divorce Gearing Up To Wait
Thinking Strategically Dealing with Adult Children

Dealing With Your Spouse

Conflict in Divorce Violence at Home Handling the Difficult Spouse
Let’s Get This Straight Negotiating With Your Spouse Negotiating Planning Worksheet
When You Still Love the Crumb I’ve Screwed Up. Now What? Counseling
How Can We Get Through This Without Killing Each Other? Why is My Spouse Behaving This Way? When Your Spouse Won’t Go To Counseling
Letting Your Marriage Go What Causes Divorce? Adultery in Divorce

Property Division

Do it Yourself Inventory Real Property Information Time Value of Money
Dealing With the House Capital Gains on the Sale of the House Valuing a Business in Divorce
Debts Bankruptcy and Divorce Dividing the Household Items
Selling Your House Dealing with a Family Business Vehicles
Taxes in Divorce Deeper in Taxes in Divorce Discovery Money Pit
Indemnity Agreements Retirement Plans QDRO’s
Different Kinds of Deeds Divorce Liens

Your Children

Parenting Standard Visitation after Divorce Parenting Issues
Telling the Children Tough Words About Kids Child Support
Custody Questions Loving Your Children Across the Miles Parental Abduction
Terminology of Custody Exemptions for the Children Depression in Children
Preschoolers and Divorce Elementary Children and Divorce Adolescents and Divorce
Depression in Children Parental Alienation Syndrome Collecting Child Support

Managing Lawyers

Do I Need a Lawyer? Questions to Ask a Lawyer Affordable Legal Help
Coaching Open Letter From Your Divorce Lawyer Limited Legal Services
Unbundling in Divorce Falling in Love with Your Lawyer? Taking Control
Sample Coaching Agreement

Stuff About Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Uncontested Divorce Quiz Divorce Mediation
Adversarial Divorce If You Use Lee for Uncontested Divorce Divorce Stinks
Quotations about Divorce How Can I Save Time and Money? Good Stuff About Divorce

Divorce Mediation

Cost of Mediation Does Mediation Work? Styles of Mediation
Preparing for Mediation DivorceSavvySavesMoney Caucus Style Mediation
Sequence of Mediation Savings from Mediation Mediation vs. Arbitration
How to Find a Mediator Lee’s Agreement to Mediate Arbitration in Australia


Bankruptcy and Divorce How the Automatic Stay Works Payment of Secured Creditors
Kinds of Bankruptcy Advantages of Family Claimants in Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Section 523(a)(5)
Women Filing Bankruptcy Discharge of Support Claims in Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Section 523(a)(15)

Life After Divorce

Dating After Divorce How Will You Live After Divorce? COBRA Health Insurance
Wrap-up after Divorce Alimony Living More Simply
Your Budget Alimony Fixed as Child Support Death After Divorce
Guy Stuff Excess Alimony Single Parent Vacation
Your Will After-divorce Checklist

Family Business

Family Business A Quick Primer on Business Value Locating a Valuator
Fair Market Value Special Considerations in Valuing a Business Dutch Auction
Revenue Ruling 59-60 Valuing Intellectual Property in Divorce

Faith Issues and Divorce

Divorce and Your Faith Christian Caring for People Going Through Divorce Faith Links
Jewish Fundamentalist Christian Mainline Protestant
Southern Baptist Muslim Roman Catholic

Stuff About Me and My Family

Lee Borden Why I do this work Lee’s Resume
Amanda Borden Why I don’t work to save marriages Stuff I Need to Remember
Joe Borden Alabama Family Law Center Reasons Not To Use AFLC
Adrian Borden  Borden Family My Mission Statement
My Struggle with Gluttony

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