New York Divorce FAQs – Mediation

This is about mediation of divorce issues in New York, including when and whether mediation is mandatory, who pays for it, and the required credentials for mediators for divorce issues in New York.

This information is from Steven Abel, the DivorceInfo Network Lawyer for New York. Click here for information on him.

Is mediation mandatory? When?

Mediation is not legally necessary. A trained, skilled mediator can help keep conflict from escalating out of control — allowing you to make good decisions in moments of stress. Working with a mediator right from the beginning increases the likelihood of your evolving a communication process with you will use long after the divorce decree has been entered.

Who pays for mediation?

The parties may choose to pay for the mediation equally, or one party may pay for the total cost.

What are the requirements for who can act as mediator?

New York has no official requirements. Generally, you should look for one who specializes in family matters and is certified by the Academy of Family Mediators, or the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation.

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