Relocation Visitation Bond

I haven’t seen this before. A New York judge has allowed a divorced mother to move from New York to Toronto and take her son with her, but he ordered her to post a $60,000 bond to ensure the father’s visitation after the move. Here’s a story about it from Newsday.

State Supreme Court Judge John Bivona (in New York, this is the designation for trial court) cited evidence that the mother had a history of interfering with the father’s time with their son and said she had “sometimes dictated terms of visitation according to her whim.” The judge wrote that “visitation with a parent is not the privilege of the parent but the right of the child. Both [the father and the son] must have this right preserved by maximizing defendant’s opportunity to maintain a positive and nurturing father-son relationship.”

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One thought on “Relocation Visitation Bond”

  1. My ex-wife who has full custody of my children evacuated to Texas with the children and is not returning. In fact she has a new job and has just sold her house back in New Orleans this weekend. She reminds me in an e mail that I must send the child support to her at her sister’s home in Houston. Yet, I’ve lost my weekend visitations and mid week visits as I’m 6 hours away. What are my rights I’m trying to land a job in Texas too but it has been difficult. Too many nurses got the jump on me as it wasn’t until the third week after the hurricaine that I was told of the permenant relocation for my ex-wife and children.I had to stay in New Orleans for the hurricaine as I’m an ICU RN thus essential. I could not leave without risking my job and license.I’ve seen my children twice since the hurricaine only because my ex-wife had to return to settle matters back in New Orleans.Ironically just prior to the hurricaine I filed for joint custody and it looked favourable but now the hurricaine has put a stop to everything.I’m asking for advice and to know my rights concering my situation. Please e-mail me in response I would appreciate the help. Thank you

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