Alabama Domestic Violence in the International Press

Once again Alabama appears to international readers to be a haven for brutish, ignorant men and women. The latest is an AP story in the International Herald Tribune, describing the arrest of a man in Cottonwood who’s charged with holding his estranged wife’s leg in an ant bed, causing her to be stung at least 100 times.

Polkce say Lorenzo Martin was apparently angry because his wife filed for divorce. They say she had been beaten on the head and had at least 100 ant stings when doctors treated her.

Martin fled into the woods when a female passerby stopped to help the woman but later turned himself in. He’s charged with third degree domestic violence and unlawful imprisonment now, but police say they may later charge him with a felony.

Cottonwood Police Chief Jim Smith called Martin’s actions “torture” and said he had never seen anything like them before.

One thought on “Alabama Domestic Violence in the International Press”

  1. She’s lucky the police actually helped her. My husband went to our daughter who at the time was living in Warrior, Alabama. When he got there he had to shield our daughter and call the police because her husband was shooting a gun at her. When the police arrived the officer’s took statements, noted the bullet holes in the house, took the gun away from my son-in-law and told my husband that since our daughter would not press charges all they were going to do is send my daughter to our house and send my son-in-law to his mothers house for a twelve hour cooling of period. And that is exactly what they did.

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