Sample Coaching Agreement for Divorce

This is the text of an agreement you can offer to someone you would like to serve as your coach.  It gives the coach comfort that he or she is not taking on additional liability, and it gives you comfort that you’re not agreeing to pay anything beyond the time you choose to spend with the coach — that is, that you’re staying in control. It’s phrased as a communication from the coach to you, but you could just as easily flip it and phrase it as a communication from you to the coach.


[Your Name, Address, and Phone Number]

This is our agreement that I will be available from time to time whenever you wish for “coaching.” We have agreed that:

  • You are making absolutely no commitment to use my services at any time in the future.
  • I charge $_____ per hour, and I calculate time in [tenths] [fourths] of an hour. You’re welcome to call me on the phone or come see me in my office by appointment. When you come to my office, I’ll ask you to pay me at the end of each session. When you call me on the phone, I’ll keep track of the time we spend and ask you periodically to pay me for the time we have spent together.
  • I am not representing you in any legal matter. This means that unless you and I expressly agree for me to undertake any services for you after we visit, you don’t expect me to do anything else, and I don’t expect you to pay me anything else. If we do decide for me to do something else for you, we’ll sign an engagement letter at that time.

[Your signature]

[Coach’s signature]