When You Need Copies of Your Divorce Documents

If you used me for your uncontested divorce, and if you’ve lost or misplaced the copy of the divorce decree I sent to you, I can send you a new copy. Just send me an e-mail requesting it. Please include the name of each party as it was before the divorce was granted. Please also include any information you can remember about when the case was active.

If you need a certified copy with the gold seal, you’ll need to get that directly by calling the court. When you call, you’ll need to be ready with the names of each party at the time the divorce was filed, the date on which the divorce decree was signed, and the case number.

Here are the phone numbers of the clerks in the courts I have used for uncontested divorces:

Jefferson County Domestic Relations: 205-325-5400

Talladega County Domestic Relations: 256-761-2102

Elmore County Domestic Relations: 334-514-4223