Stuff about Copyright

All the information on is meant for you to use, so I try to be as permissive as possible while still protecting my work. You’re welcome to download, print, and even share with others anything you see on, subject to three restrictions:

  1. You have to make sure the copyright notice (at the bottom of each page) appears on anything you copy, print, or give to others.
  2. You can’t sell it to make money.
  3. You can’t change the words I use.

Subject to those limitations, I want you to use what’s here, and you’re welcome to share it with others. I want to get the word out. You can help.

If you’re a student wondering how to cite this web site, here’s how to do it. If your instructor requires APA Style, the instruction is clear. Use the complete URL, and make sure it works. That is, don’t say “the page on Lee Borden’s web site entitled “Stuff about Copyright.” Instead, use the complete URL And then click on it and make sure it works before you turn in your paper.

If your instructor requires MLA Style, the instruction is the same, except that you precede the reference with my name. My name is Lee Borden, so the citation to this page would read: “Borden, Lee,”

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