Cutting Through the Crud

So how do you get through your divorce? You’re taking one of the best first steps right now. You gather all the information you can about the options you have, about the duties you have, about the challenges you face, and about the ways you can respond to those challenges.

DivorceInfo is a great place to start. But it’s only one of many resources you can call on. There are lots of other sites on the web that offer help to people going through divorce. Here are some of the topics you can explore here in DivorceInfo about the divorce process:

Can I stop the divorce? How can I save time and money? Why does it hurt so much?
How can I get the kids through this? Would mediation help? How does everything get divided up?
Do I need a lawyer? What to ask a lawyer before hiring When you’re trying to keep it civil
Dealing with loneliness How can I save time and money? Why does it hurt so much?
What if I’m Roman Catholic? What if I’m Southern Baptist? What if I’m Jewish?
What if I’m Mainline Protestant? What if I’m Muslim? What If I’m Fundamentalist Christian?
How can we get through this without killing each other? Why is my spouse behaving this way? Are you falling in love with your lawyer?
Taking control of your divorce How much will divorce cost? Good stuff about divorce
Thinking strategically How can I take care of myself? Books to read
When you still love the crum When you just need a coach When your child divorces
Thinking about killing yourself? Helping your friends help you Getting through the grief
When you and I disagree Letting your marriage go Using mediation to get through it
Adultery in divorce
Parental abduction in divorce What are the main issues? How much will child support be?
When you just need a coach
What are the mistakes people make most often in divorce? What do I do now that I’ve screwed up? How to negotiate with your spouse
What do I do if he’s beating me up? Understanding the three divorces Is depression part of the problem?
Death after divorce What if we’re separating Packing to leave
Abandonment and desertion When you can’t stop crying Gearing Up To Wait
“I Love You But I’m Not In Love.” What Causes Divorce? Survival Guide

If your spouse is behaving in ways that you think are wrong, but you’re not quite sure, check out Let’s Get This Straight for a better understanding of abuse, even if there’s no violence involved.

You’ll find all kinds of helpful information. Wander. Search the Site Map for the information you need, or check out the Search Engine.

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