How To Deliver Documents to Lee

The best way to deliver original documents to Lee Borden is to use ordinary mail. It’s cheap (you can cover the correct postage for all but the most voluminous sets of divorce documents with three first class stamps),  it’s fast, and it’s far more reliable than the culture realizes. I’ve never had anything I sent or received by mail actually lost. I’ve heard a lot of people use mail service as an excuse, but I’ve never had the US Postal Service actually lose anything.

Because my address is a post office box, you can’t use UPS or Federal Express. I’m sorry. If it’s critical to you to be able to track delivery, use Express Mail. Just please, please, please be careful that the delivery doesn’t require my signature. Because of my schedule as a farmer, my pickups at and deliveries to the post office are often after hours. That works fine except when somebody checks that little box that requires my signature for pickup. Do that, and experience shows the filing of your case will be delayed, on average by two business days. Please don’t do it.

If there are documents that need to be notarized, you can usually find a notary at a bank, credit union, UPS store, or insurance office.

If you need to pay me money, here’s a page about how to do that easily.

Once you send documents to me, you should avoid calling me to “make sure I got it” (costs extra money). Instead, keep an eye on my clients site, where I will update your record to show that I have received your documents and that they are ready to send to the court.

Here’s my address:

Lee Borden
PO Box 780446
Tallassee, AL 36078

No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.