Gunfire in Mobile After Child Support Hearing

Mobile police say they are charging a man with attempted murder after he shot the father of his wife’s child yesterday. The shooting occurred in the parking lot behind the Bay Haas Building on Government Street, just outside the building where the parents had concluded their child support hearing. Here’s the story from the Mobile Press-Register.

Observers in the court said the hearing was unremarkable and “run-of-the-mill.” Neither the father nor the mother appeared upset when they left together and walked out into the parking lot. Outside, however, the father, Alonzo Smith, and the mother’s husband, Quenton Thomas, started arguing, and the mother, Ayanna Thomas, jumped on Smith’s back.

It was then that Quenton Thomas pulled a gun and fired “more than one shot” before state probation officers intervened. Smith was shot in the head, but a nursing supervisor at University of South Alabama Medical Center said he had been treated and released.

A tow truck removed a Chevrolet Suburban with a blood smear on the door, a shattered passenger window, and a baby blanket inside. Police have charged the mother, Ayanna Thomas, with third-degree domestic violence.

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