Louisiana Divorce FAQs – Pro Se

This is about filing your own divorce in Louisiana, including how hard it is to file your own divorce in Louisiana, what divorce papers need to be filed, and what the filing fees are for divorce in Louisiana.

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How hard is it to file my own divorce?

This will depend on the complexity of your divorce and your knowledge of Louisiana law. Although most of the issues involved in a divorce in Louisiana are similar to a divorce anywhere else, it should be noted that Louisiana law is very different from the law in Common Law states. Because of this, it is often difficult to obtain useful forms and other legal aids which are applicable to Louisiana law.

If your divorce is going to be contested or will involve complex issues, it is strongly recommended that you at least consult an attorney. While web sites like this one are helpful and (hopefully) informative, they cannot address specific legal issues and they can never replace a well-trained attorney.

If you do intend to file Pro Se (without an attorney), your biggest aid will be the library. Read as much as you can about the law and know the issues before you file. Also, the clerks at the courthouse can often be your best friend if you are filing a pro se divorce. If you keep your questions short and respectful, the clerks are often willing to help you file your paperwork and stay within the rules of the court.

What are the papers that need to be filed?

First, you will need to file your petition for divorce and your spouse will have to answer. Depending on which type of divorce you are obtaining (see Louisiana Civil Code Articles 102 and 103), you maybe able to file your petition for divorce 6 months after you and your spouse physically separate, or immediately upon physical separation.

If you have community property or if you have children, there will also be several other filings required, including detailed descriptive lists of the community property and affidavits, as well as any of several appropriate motions.

What’s the filing fee for a divorce?

Filing fees vary depending on which parish you are in. To find out the filing fees in your parish, you can call the clerk of court in the parish where you intend to file.

Other issues in Louisiana:

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