Michigan Divorce

I haven’t yet identified a DivorceInfo Network Lawyer for Michigan.

You may want to start with the comprehensive resources from the excellent Washtenaw County web site, including a comprehensive lists of questions and answers for collecting child support. If you don’t need a lawyer and just want to file a simple divorce, you can order the forms and do it yourself, or you can get DocuPro to do it for you.

You can check out some recent issues of the Michigan Family Law Journal. On the other hand, for sheer humanity, I’m not sure you can top Child Custody & Divorce from Jim Whalen in Flint. There’s information here about child custody, of course, but also information on other issues in divorce, like Whaddya Mean, I Pay Her Attorney’s Fees?What is Discovery?,  How Do We Value Assets?, and lots more. Thanks, Jim. I wish more lawyers took your approach.

Here’s a collection of resources for divorce in Michigan from the AAAA Legal Center.

The Calhoun County Courts have a great selection of divorce forms and packets in their Friend of the Court section.

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