Nominees for Jeffco Family Court

The Jefferson County Judicial Commission has announced the three names it has nominated to fill the Family Court seat of Judge Sandra Storm. Here’s an article about it from The Birmingham News.

The nominees are Brian Huff, Steve Sexton, and Andra Sparks. Huff is the current chair of the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar Association and practices with Boyd, Fernambucq, & Vincent, P.C. in Birmingham. Sexton has a general legal practice and serves on the board of Habitat for Humanity. Sparks is a Family Court senior trial referee and part-time pastor.

Governor Riley has 90 days to select one of the three to replace Judge Storm, who retires Friday.

I know well and have worked with all three of these men, and I have the highest confidence in their competence, judgment, and integrity. Any one of the three would make an excellent Family Court judge. I only regret that all three are men. We have so few women judges in Alabama. It hurts to lose one and see her replaced with another man.

7 thoughts on “Nominees for Jeffco Family Court”

  1. Judge Storm is long overdue to retire. She pre-judges cases, as well as
    sends children into foster homes without looking at the evidence first.
    Andra Sparks does not need to preside over any cases involving placement
    of children in that he has refereed to many juvenile cases and can not
    handle anything to do with a family. If Andra Sparks is appointed to
    the position I fear families who are in family court only because of
    malicious lies from a scorned spouse will be in grave danger. Judge
    Storm has placed 5 children in the wrong homes and they have suffered
    separation anxiety and will require counseling indefinately. Only
    because of a husband who was upset his former wife would not reconcile
    with him, therefore calling DHR and making false allegations againest
    his former wife’s significant other. It is very sad that Judge Storm
    lets Celia Nadler run her court room for her and will believe every
    word that she says. Celia Nadler has hid evidence that would place
    the children back in the home with the mother immediately only because
    she is connected to the husbands aunt who is an attorney. Judge Storm’s
    rulings have left stable loving homes broken. Judge Storm allows a
    little girl to spend weekends in the home of a man who is believed to
    be a sexual predator and her only answer to that is “I don’t care if
    there are 3 sex offenders living in the home, she will visit every
    other weekend” but yet Judge Storm would never admit she said this.
    However, I have her saying this and other awful things in her court
    room. Sorry to vent but Judge Storm I speak for a large group of people
    when I say thank God you can not ruin any more childrens lives by
    listening to Celia Nadler.

  2. I too am very glad to see judge storm retire. Many attorneys have voiced their distain for Storm to me. I look at this as a positive note for the children of Jefferson County.
    Judge Storm good reddance

  3. Absolutely, Judge Storm does not have a clue of the damage her “spur of the moment” decisions have. Something should of been done about her a long time ago. Im just sad to see children close to my family affected by her idiotic ways. My family member has Judge Storm on tape saying some awful things, she is about to go public with it so be looking for Judge Storms name in the paper. When a tape is played on the news of Judge Storm saying that she does’nt care if 3 sexual predators live in a house with a little girl…I bet they will stop praising her for all that she has done….she has ruined more lives than she has helped anyone…the only thing she has helped anyone by doing is getting off the bench. Judge Storm is a home wrecker, heart breaker, and child tormentor!

  4. 9/15/05—Brian Huff’s appointment by Governor Riley to replace
    Family Court Judge Sandra Storm was, in my opinion, an excellent
    choice. Judge Huff’s background and experience as the chairman
    of the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar Association
    and as a practicing attorney should have a more postive influence
    on our Jefferson County Family Court. In my opinion, there have
    been some tragic mistakes made in the past with decisions involving
    young children, parents, and grandparents. With Judge Huff at the
    helm, I am sure this will improve. Thanks Governor Riley and Judge

  5. I just found out Judge Brian Huff was actually a Democrat before he got his appointment from Governor Riley? WOW!!!!!!I think it speaks VOLUMES when a person will convert from one party to another, over night, for a postion!!! Overall, he seemed like a decent guy, as a person, but not knowing much about him (speaking of that, where did he come from), I can only go by what I know and I know I can’t take fair weather folks, especially not from a judicial candidate. Really not from anyone. Seems like most other folks in Jefferson County are saying and thinking the same thing. Should be an interesting November! I hope he isn’t making himself to comfortable out there.

  6. First off, thanks Lee for this forum of free expression where we can come and be open and honest…I must say that Judge Andra Sparks is the most experienced, engaged, and informed candidate on the ballot for this Presiding Judgeship at Family Court. I sincerely hope and pray that the people speak loud and clear and send a message that EXPERIENCE DOES COUNT! How can you not vote for a man that has over 11 years experience as a judge, which includes hearing over 30,000 cases and sitting as a Special Circuit and District Judge numerous times?!! The community knows and trusts him, and if we want better, safer communities and accountable, experienced leadership, then JUDGE ANDRA SPARKS is definitely the ONE! I have had the privilege of meeting both men (Sparks and his opponent) who’ll be on the ballot this November, and I must say that I found Sparks to be the more down-to-earth, compassionate, kind, and just plain TRUE person. I’m not saying these things as a TRUE BLUE Democrat; I’m actually saying these things as someone who aligns with the majority of things Republican. But, when it comes to this position dealing with CHILDREN, FAMILIES, AND OUR COMMUNITY, I MUST SAY THAT I WOULD NOT FEEL RIGHT IF I DID NOT VOTE FOR JUDGE SPARKS. So, hopefully, many people take this thing as seriously as I have and study the facts and realize that WE NEED JUDGE ANDRA SPARKS IN FAMILY COURT!

    Oh yeah, check his website (as I have) and be more informed…

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