Nominees for Jeffco Family Court

The Jefferson County Judicial Commission has announced the three names it has nominated to fill the Family Court seat of Judge Sandra Storm. Here’s an article about it from The Birmingham News.

The nominees are Brian Huff, Steve Sexton, and Andra Sparks. Huff is the current chair of the Family Law Section of the Alabama State Bar Association and practices with Boyd, Fernambucq, & Vincent, P.C. in Birmingham. Sexton has a general legal practice and serves on the board of Habitat for Humanity. Sparks is a Family Court senior trial referee and part-time pastor.

Governor Riley has 90 days to select one of the three to replace Judge Storm, who retires Friday.

I know well and have worked with all three of these men, and I have the highest confidence in their competence, judgment, and integrity. Any one of the three would make an excellent Family Court judge. I only regret that all three are men. We have so few women judges in Alabama. It hurts to lose one and see her replaced with another man.