Structure of

There are hundreds of thousands of documents here, so the trick is in quickly finding the information that’s helpful to you without getting bogged down in a lot of stuff you don’t care about. I added this page to explain how the site is structured, so that it will be easier to find your way around. is organized into several broad subject headings, which you see in links above this page. I’ve arranged all the pages in a hierarchy using Microsoft FrontPage.

On every page, you will see at the top of the page a list of those pages that fall just above this page in the hierarchy.  You will see on the left hand side the pages on the same level (and in the same category) as this page. As you can see, there are lots of those links on this page, and on most browsers they stretch beyond the text. That’s because there are so many pages on about the site itself. You will see at the bottom of each page a set of links to pages that fall below this page. Because there aren’t any pages that fall below this page in the hierarchy, you don’t see of those links on this page, but you’ll notice them on most of the pages on this site.

There are several broad headings of information here on There’s a heading called Survive Divorcet hat has gobs of resources dealing with how to get through the divorce process. Best Books is obvious. Children has lots of information to help you help your children survive your divorce. Money Issues is obvious. States includes the best resources I can find in each state. About is where you’ll find information about the site, includingmore than you ever wanted to know about me. The category Divorce Forms has forms available for sale from U.S. Legal Forms.

As one example of the way the links work, if you were to click on Survive Divorce at the top of this page, you would go to a page on the site that is near the top of the hierarchy. There is only one page above it in the hierarchy, the Home Page, so there is only one link at the top of the page. To the left of Survive Divorce are the links to the other broad headings on the site, like Best Books, Children, etc. At the bottom of the Survive Divorce page are all the links to the pages immediately below it in the hierarchy. Many of those pages have other pages below them, but you won’t see those links until you go to one of the pages. As you use, my hope is that the structure and the links dealing with it will make it easier for you to find related information in a handy way.