Teri’s Top Ten

Here’s a little about one of the good things about divorce. Thanks to Teri for this:

Top Ten Things I’d Rather Do Than Have SEX with My EX

10. Accept custody of the dog.

9. Figure out how to change the oil in my car.

8. Pick up the poop of my newly re-acquired dog.

7. Relive the thrill of the 1997 holiday season….

6. Go grocery shopping with my 2 kids, my 4 nieces, and the dog.

5. Have sex with Charlie Sheen…or Nick Nolte… or both.

4. Walk naked through the grocery store with the 6 kids and the dog.

3. Pay alimony.

2. Pay child support.

And finally, the number one thing I’d rather do than have SEX with my EX….

1. Pay ANYONE so that I don’t have to “close my eyes and make my grocery list” ANYMORE!!!

(I’m paying my lawyer bi-monthly)

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