Texas Divorce FAQ’s – Mediation

This is about mediation of divorce issues in Texas, including when and whether mediation is mandatory, who pays for it, and the required credentials for mediators for divorce issues in Texas.

This information is from Robert J. Matlock, the DivorceInfo Network Lawyer for Texas. Click here to visit his web site.

Is mediation mandatory? When?

It depends upon the philosophy of the judge. In the larger cities, most judges require the parties to participate in mediation, particularly in cases involving custody issues.

Who pays for mediation?

The parties do. Generally, private mediators expect each party to pay for 50% of the fees. There are government sponsored programs that are less expensive than private mediation costs and those costs may be paid by one or both parties.

What are the requirements for who can act as mediator?

The mediation statute prescribes a minimum of 40 hours basic mediation training and an additional 24 hours of training specifically related to family law matters. The lawyers or judge may select a mediator who does not meet those standards, but generally that is not the case.

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