Nebraska Divorce

I haven’t yet identified a DivorceInfo Network Lawyer for Nebraska.

The Nebraska Judicial Branch has forms for divorce with no children and divorce with children. They also have the Child Support Guidelines and a child support calculator that’s free for five days. And here’s the page on Child Support Enforcement from the Nebraska Health and Human Services System.

Here’s an article called Nebraska Divorce Law: What to Expect from a Divorce, from the firm of Chaloupka, Holyoke, Hofmeister, Snyder & Chaloupka P.C. in Scottsbluff. If you don’t need a lawyer and just want to file a simple divorce, you can order the forms and do it yourself, or you can get DocuPro to do it for you.

Here’s a summary of Nebraska appellate rulings on child support from the Office of the Sarpy County Attorney, Child Support Enforcement Division.

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