Canada’s High Court May Hear Alimony Case

The Ontario Court of Appeals has ordered a Canadian psychiatrist to pay alimony to his ex-wife, even though the Manitoba courts ordered no alimony 13 years ago. The psychiatrist is now appealing that ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada. If the ruling stands, it will change forever the landscape of divorce negotiations in Canada, and perhaps beyond.

Here’s an article about the case from the Ottowa Citizen
and another from the Winnipeg Sun.

Before this case, divorcing spouses and their clients knew that, unless alimony is reserved to deal with later, alimony claims are forever barred, no matter the financial circumstances the husband and wife confront later. In this case, the wife Eileen Mary Tierney-Hynes, argued that her ex-husband, psychiatrist Adrian Hynes, “considering here ex-husband is more than financially comfortable.”

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