Only Lawyers Profit from Divorce

Somebody needs to form a Mothers’ Rights group. Until they do (and probably for a long time after), we’ll read pieces like this one on a blog called Dad Talk.

The article starts out complaining about lawyers and then moves to complain about the way men get treated in domestic relations courts. Here’s a little of it:

Bad court decisions and ridiculous legal costs serve only to make dads resentful. While some men are deadbeats, did judges ever stop to think by cutting them out of family time that dads lose their vested interest in paying child support? Even if dad has limited custody rights, I’ve seen moms get away with making it impossible for some guys to see their children by claiming junior has a “cold” or a “school project.” What incentive does a dad have to pay in such situations? He still should, of course, but mistreatments as mentioned above must leave an awful lot of men feeling hopeless and bitter.