What are the Odds?

A husband and wife in Jordan were both unhappy with their marriage, so they both turned to the Internet to find comfort. The husband Bakr called himself Adnan, and the wife Sanaa called her self Jamila. Here’s the article from the Inquirer (not to be confused with the National Enquirer, which has a, shall we say, different approach to the news of the day).

You can tell the rest of the story without my help, right? In their new personalities (Bakr the devout Muslim who loved to read and Jamila the cultured, unmarried woman), they fell madly in love with each other and agreed to meet near a bus depot.

When Bakr/Adnan realized who his new consort was to be, he screamed three times “I divorce you.” You gotta wonder, don’t you? Don’t these two deserve to be together?

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